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'Beauty & the Beast'

By Mme. Le Prince de Beaumont

Written in French as ' La Belle et la Bete' in 1749, it was translated into English in 1757 and is one of the most popular traditional fairy stories. It can best be described as an exciting, romantic adventure.
It's the story of how Beauty's bravery and noble heart see beyond the Beast's ugliness and we come to understand her transforming love for him. In this gorgeous, mysterious story, Beauty and her Beast exist in a world of magic and poetry - but she has had to leave her beloved father and enter a dark castle filled with strange, mute servants obedient to their beastly master.

From the opening scene the play unfolds with action, adventure and suspense as Beauty's two brothers discover strange events in the forest surrounding their home.
Magical is the only word befitting this enchanting story!

Add beautiful costumes, exciting staging and original music in the 18th Century style, composed and played by Brian Swaddling and Hazel Fairplay and you'll be transported to a French Chateau 200 years ago.........

Louche Theatre will be presenting 'Beauty & the Beast' from Friday 28th November until Sunday 30th November at 7.30pm, with matinees on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th at 2.30pm at the

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The World Premier of a new play by Tom Francis


Hermann Ethé was born in Prussia in 1844 and, by the time he moved to Aberystwyth in the mid-1870s, had established a reputation as one of the world's foremost Orientlist scholars. He taught languages at University College, Aberystwyth for nearly forty years, and in that time became a respected citizen of the town. Following the death of his first wife and infant daughter, Ethé married Harriet Phillips, an English woman nearly half his age. The Ethés lived happily in Aberystwyth until 1914 when, on the outbreak of the First World War, they were driven from their home by an anti-German mob. They spent the following years in exile, staying with various relatives in England. Harriet stayed with Hermann throughout, supporting him during his fight to be allowed to return home to Wales.April 17th to 19th 2015 followed by a short tour of west Wales before going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

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