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...why, because performance matters

Louche Theatre present the World Premiere of a new play by Tom Francis……..john


It’s 1914, and Professor Hermann Ethé and his wife Harriet are living a happy, bohemian life in Aberystwyth. But as the First World War unfolds tragically in Europe, fear and panic take hold at home. Whipped-up into a frenzy of hatred and prejudice, a violent mob decides that this German academic and his free-spirited wife are no longer welcome in the town. Driven from his work, his friends, and his home of forty years, Hermann grows increasingly dependent on his young wife. Together they must fight to ensure that they, and their marriage, can survive.

On Wednesday 14th October, with reports of atrocities in Belgium, anti-German sentiments are running high. Dr Ethé and his English born wife, Harriet, returned to the town from a holiday in Germany.

On Thursday 15th October a crowd of nearly 3000 local people, led by Enoch Davies, a commercial traveller, marched up the hill towards Caradoc Road and forced open a window of Dr Ethe’s house, and – the professor being out of the house - harangued the professor’s wife. Despite her pleas that her husband had been granted a British Passport, and that she had a brother fighting the Germans, the crowd wasn’t satisfied. Dr and Mrs Ethé must get out, or they would tear down the house stone by stone.

There will be one final performance of The Trial of Hermann Ethe in Wales  as a FRINGE PREVIEW, on WEDNESDAY 5th AUGUST at the Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth at 7.30pm. We travel to Edinburgh on Saturday 8th August and open at GREENSIDE THEATRE, Venue 209, on MONDAY 10TH AUGUST for one week as part of the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE. Curtain up there is 2.55pm(1 hour) and tickets can be booked by calling the venue box office on 0131 618 6967.

For the FRINGE PREVIEW in Aberystwyth, tickets can be reserved by calling the LOUCHE THEATRE box office on 01970 612617